Raft Survival Simulator v0.121 (Mod)

Raft Survival Simulator v0.121 (Mod)

Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: Raft Survival Simulator - is a sandbox survival simulator game. After ocean accident you've opened your eyes and see blue water and a piece of raft. The last thing that you remember - great shark bites your ship... No one alived in this tragedy except you! Ocean survival is here for you to try yourself!?dm=9OUV - Raft Survival Simulator v0.121 (Mod)

Craft your new home from the rubbish flowing near you. But be carefull. The sharks are near your raft. And they are really hungry! Use your hook to catch resources. Use a hammer to destroy everything, even your last raft!

Features of game:
- open ocean - you can make your own island to survive;
- several types of weapons with different behaviours (hook, hammer);
- a lot of craft items and constructions;
- everything you need for water survival!

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More Info:

Download Instructions: never hungry and thirsty!


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