Iron Marines v1.1.3 + Mods – CLICK HERE

How To Download Iron Marines v1.1.3 + Mods

Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: We proudly present Iron Marines v1.1.3v!! Play it before September 15th to start with a premium hero for free! Get it Now!

4356346 - Iron Marines v1.1.3 + Mods - CLICK HERE


From the creators of the award winner Kingdom Rush trilogy comes the most extraordinary space odyssey. A real-time, dynamic and deep strategy game that will transport you to amazing and unknown planets. Immersive, engaging gameplay, ridiculously appealing art, and a touch of silly humor. Brave soldiers, mighty mechas and powerful aliens await your command to face the greatest challenges.

Whether in the midst of a meteor storm or exploring a base invaded by alien creatures, the Iron Marines have what it takes to achieve victory. Protect your bases with the most advanced defense towers while spraying your enemies with bullets, missiles and laser rays.

Recruit and train the greatest heroes in the galaxy, lead them into dangerous missions against near impossible odds and unleash their mighty powers and abilities. Adapt your strategy by changing the role of your troops even in the thick of the combat, from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to missile launchers. Turn the tide of battle with bomb strikes, intelligent mines, support troops, turrets and a wide range of special weapons.

Want to know more? Dozens of easter eggs await for your keen eye, from a not so mutant turtle, to some well known starship captains

Armies of robots, crushed starships, gigantic monsters, unknown races, brave assaults, desperate rescues, audacious sabotages… the galaxy needs your command.

The galaxy needs the Iron Marines

Download Iron Marines v1.1.3 + Mods

Game Features

Lead your troops in 14 campaign missions across two different worlds. Get ready to launch bold attacks, hold your ground, rescue civilians, hack supercomputers and all kind of heroic stuff. Each mission requires new tactics and actions to achieve victory. Have I mentioned fights against the tentacles of bizarre underwater creatures?

Test your wit on 10 Special Operations with their own combat rules and no mercy at all. Each stage a challenge to remember, with scars to prove it. We dare you.

Unlock the Impossible Mode. Only for the most reckless of the dauntless. We double dare you.

Defeat massive and unique Bosses in epic battles. They are mean, they are really really huge and they are determined to crush you. Suit up, Marines!!

40+ Upgrades to improve your strategy and empower your units with defense drones, napalm rockets, ricocheting blasts and much more.

9 Heroes with outstanding powers at your command. Train them to their full awesomeness or annoy them at your own risk.

8 Special Weapons to unleash hell on your enemies and give your tactics even more depth. What’s better than a well placed missile? An orbital strike of 50 high explosive missiles!

Complete any of our 50+ Achievements and claim your well deserved reward

Find your fair challenge choosing your difficulty mode: Casual, Normal or Veteran. Don’t get cocky! Or Do! Your choice!

What’s new
* Bug fixes.
* Improved Loading Tips.
* Improved Stage 4.
* Fixed Typos.

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All Heroes


Unlimited Golds
Unlimited Energy
Unlimited Tech Points
Unlimited Command Points
All Heroes Unlocked





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