The Monkey Pit Island – Survive the treasure curse v1.1.1

How To Download The Monkey Pit Island Online - Survive the treasure curse v1.1.1

Requirements: 2.3.3 +
Overview: Enter the unexplored world of The Monkey Pit Island Online, a point & click adventure set in a lost island full of mysterious enigmas.5464567 - The Monkey Pit Island - Survive the treasure curse v1.1.1Nobody exactly know what that island is, but many clues lead to thinking of the legendary Oak Island, famous for its Monkey Pit Island Online.
The desert Island of Oak, in the north of the Atlantic, has been considered for more than 200 years, the place where it's hiding one of the greatest treasures of history. Everything started in 1975 when a young boy find drowning in the ground and decides to start digging. Since that moment entire assets have been spent, and so many lives have been lost, but nobody has ever found the rich booty in that so called Monkey Pit Island Online.
A curse tells that seven people will have to die before the treasure is found, but so far how many are the people who have lost their lives in mysterious accident? Will you be the next? Or will you be the first to succeed in this business?It is not easy and maybe it will also serve a bit of luck, but with a little cunning, so much patience and a lot of skill, you might be able to unravel the mystery and earn the infamous booty!
Uhm ... but then will there really be a treasure beneath Oak Island?A compelling story; a great deal of humour and an original art style and music will lead you in an adventure across the ruins of a strange civilization. As an archaeologist, your main objective is to find the legendary treasure hidden somewhere on the island: you are fully equipped and ready to face whatever curse is said to be plaguing this place, or so you thought...FEATURES
• Discover all the mysteries on the lost island
• Point & click your way out of trouble
• Use your brain to make it to the end
• Discover the secrets of a lost society
• Find the long lost treasure
• Become one of the greatest archaeologists in history

• Fun point & click interaction with the environment
• Engaging puzzles

What's New

Major Bugfix

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